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RULE 30e-3

On June 4, 2018 the SEC adopted a final rule allowing certain funds the option (not required) to satisfy the obligation for delivering shareholder reports via “notice and access.” A fund will have the option to post shareholder reports on the fund website and send investors a paper notice communicating that the report is available online (in lieu of mailing the full report).

If electing to utilize the “notice and access” option a fund must adhere to the following:

  • Report accessibility. A shareholder report must be made available, free of charge and publicly accessible at a specified website.

  • Notice. A notice must be mailed at each reporting period notifying shareholders of the availability of the report online.

  • Quarterly holdings accessibility. Quarterly holdings for the last fiscal year must also be made available on the fund website.

  • Fulfillment requirement. Upon request, a fund must send a printed copy of any regulatory document, including shareholder reports and quarterly holdings, within three business days of initial request (at no cost).

  • Option to elect for paper delivery. A shareholder will reserve the right to opt-in to receive all shareholder reports in paper.


  • Must be sent to investors for every annual and semi-annual report, within 70 calendar days of the end of the reporting period

  • A consolidated notice may be used for multiple funds

  • May accompany account statements or other shareholder materials

  • Required information:

    • Prominent legend stating report availability online and in paper by request
    • Statement that the report contains important information about the fund, including portfolio holdings and financial statements
    • Website URL
    • Toll-free number to contact the fund or financial intermediary
    • Instructions for requesting a paper or email copy and indication that a paper or email copy will not be received unless requested
    • Explanation that a shareholder can elect to receive paper copies of reports in the future and instructions for doing so
  • Optional content may be included such as fund sponsor, listing of other information included in report, QR code or additional options for accessing website, additional shareholder information.


All Fund Groups:

The earliest a fund may rely on the rule is January 1, 2021.

NOTE: Exisiting funds must inform investors of intent to rely on rule 30e-3 through prominent disclosure on the cover page of their regulatory documents for a period of two years prior changing delivery format.

  • New funds starting after January 1, 2019 may rely on rule 30e-3 on January 1, 2021 if notice is provided to shareholders of intent to do so in their first public offering.

  • New funds starting after January 1, 2021 need not provide advance notice.


  • Reduction in print and mailing costs

  • Potential increase in print-on-demand fulfillment

  • Increased importance of online presence and format of reports


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